In december 2020 I decided to pull the plug on This is due to a couple of reasons. I haven’t found time to update this site and posted the last entry over two years ago. I have many other interests, like deejaying, graphic design and writing. These interests have taken up the time that was needed to keep Pressurebeat up to date. Add to that it’s increasingly getting harder and ever so more expensive to maintain the site and you’ll hopefully understand why I deciced to call it quits.

All info is saved and archived. Maybe I’ll continue writing in the background and release Pressure Beat as a book. Time will tell..

Thank you all for reading, commenting, sharing and your kind words of support over the years. It’s been a real pleasure.

An extra special shout out to Nick Faris, without whom this site would never have evolved the way it did and to Voice of Reason for continuously sharing his deep knowledge of music.