augustus pablo pablo at home

A : Augustus Pablo – Pablo at home

B : Vin Gordon – East Africa


This 7 inch makes me smile every time I come across it, for it was a real catch when I stumbled upon it. The A and B side of my copy both wear the same label, crediting The Professionals’ “Face Girl” as the track of choice. In search for a better sound quality version of the copy I already own, I decided to cop this one too. And yes, the quality turned out to be much better than my other version, but none of the sides actually played the excellent B-side of Delroy Wilson’s “Pretty Girl.” To my surprise, a pleasant one I might add, I had just bought an excellent Augustus Pablo version of another Delroy Wilson tune. Or a hint towards one at least, because at first I thought Pablo was blowing the theme of “Dancing Mood“, but as it turns out “Pablo at Home” is actually a laidback melodica remake of Bob Andy’s Studio One smash by “I’ve got to go back home.”  They’re such close twins I can’t believe I never picked up on that. (Thanks to Nick Faris and the rest of my readers who corrected me on this. Much appreciated.)

Augustus cut more than one tune for Joe Gibbs, but “Pablo at home” is one of the rarer ones. I haven’t discovered it on any re-issue cd’s (yet) and can’t really find anything on the net either. Not really peculiar considering the huge amount of classic recordings the man has to his name, but still a bit awkward. Granted, it’s not all fireworks and heaviness but if you listen to the track, you can’t deny it’s a great tune. Or is that just me? I doubt it, which leads me to believe “Pablo at home” is simply overlooked. Get on it!

(Also: notice the misspelling of Pressure Beat on the label. All these yellow/blue Pressure Beat labels seem to have this error)


Label: Pressure Beat (ja)
Matrix: J.G #2584 A RRS -DI / 7JG 7907-B
Release date: 1972
Riddim: I’ve got to go back home (Bob Andy)

(originally posted on 02-01-11)


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