barrington levy wife sweetheart

A: Barrington Levy – Wife & sweetheart

B: Professionals – Husband stealer


Barrington Levy is a good example of “over exposure,” a typically Jamaican phenomenon that occurred in the late 70’s and is still going strong today. After hitting big with “Shine eye gal” every studio in Jamaica wanted to get his own Barrington cut to boost their latest riddim. The result is a floodgate of tracks in which it’s very easy to drown.  Also, the output varies greatly in strength, which, if one draws unlucky, might lead you to believe the artist ain’t all that.

Joe Gibbs recorded quite a few Barrington tunes too, almost all of them good ones and well worth checking out. “Wife and Sweetheart” is one of the strongest, riding an original riddim (or, at least I haven’t heard it prior to this release) which is so super heavy that it makes up 50% of the tune. The odd lyrics make up the other half. Though lyrical slackness was common in the era of its release, Barrington’s wit and originality here is just short of supreme. As is the name of the B-side and sparse dub.

In 1982 Joe Gibbs released the 12″ version of this on the JGM label, featuring a great dj cut by Ranking Trevor.


Label: Crazy Joe (ja)
Matrix: J.G.M 8716-A / 8716 B (gg tape master)
Release date: 1981
Riddim: Wife & Sweetheart

(originally posted on 18-01-11)



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