B: Bongo Herman & Bingy Bunny – Ration

A: The Meditators – Things not easy


Bongo Herman & Bingy Bunny are two very gifted performers who acted mostly as session musicians in the early seventies, but they also managed to make quite a name for themselves with songs like “Ration.” Bongo Herman has been on the scene since the mere beginning of the nyahbinghi drumming trend, a trend that still goes strong an odd 40 years later. His first recordings were produced by Derrick Harriot, who paired him with Les. Together they made a few singles after which Derrick introduced them to another guy, which turned the duo into a trio: Bongo Herman, Les & Bunny. The trio made some succesful singles. Whatever happened to Les, I don’t know but the duo Bingy & Bongo kept going, recording several rootsy singles in the seventies (check the sadly out of print Trojan Nyahbinghi set for more fine examples) and also became in demand session players. Late seventies, Eric “Bingy Bunny” Lamont went on to became the leadsinger of the succesful Morwells group. He gained even bigger fame after that as the rhyhtm guitarist in the number one session/backing band of the 80’s: The almighty Roots Radics.

Bongo Herman is, as stated above, still going strong and very much in demand. He can be heard playing drums on many nowadays hits like ‘Earth Ah Run Red’ by Richie Spice, and Jah Cure’s ‘Longing For’.

The song featured here is a fine cut to Dennis Brown’s first version of “Money in my Pocket” (released 1972), commenting on Jamaica’s economy which was far from flourishing at the time. The roots drumming and the held back vocal delivery stems perfectly with the topic and the riddim. Sublime recording.


Label: Joe Gibbs Record Globe (Ja) & Smash (Uk)
Matrix: DSR JG8056
Release date: 1973
Riddim: Money in my pocket – Dennis Brown (’72 cut)

(originally posted on 06-01-08)


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