delroy jones musical hop

A: Delroy Jones – Musical hop

B: Earl Lindo – More ball


Soon after posting the Delroy “Crutches” Jones track “By 7” on this blog, I found myself a copy of this great tune on the Errol T imprint. As mentioned in that same post, Musical Hop features Crutches riding the great Red Bum Ball riddim, or Bum Ball riddim.  Using this particular riddim was quite a challenge, for it was a big Derrick Morgan produced hit for Lloyd (Robinson) & Devon (Russel) back in 1968 and it has been versioned countless times ever since.

The original riddim was laid down by Lynn Tait and the Jets, in the same year Joe Gibbs went into production. At that time the young producer used much of the songwriting and arranging skills of the gifted guitar player from Trinidad, and to great effect. But why toss a good thing when it’s right there for the taking? Indeed, to these ears at least, the riddim used on the version featured here, which was released a few years and quite a few versions later, is the same as the original version.

As grmark anthony more ballseat a track as it may be, Musical Hop doesn’t really add much to the other versions out there, other than being an obscurity and a fine example of the greatness of Delroy Jones as a soundsystem deejay. Because that is what this record is really all about: it’s a showcase of Crutches’ skills on the mic. And it leaves me wanting to hear, or rather attend, an entire session with this man chatting ‘pon these kind of tunes. It just sounds so promising…

The B-side is a real nice slab of funky organ by future Bob Marley & The Wailers member Earl ‘Wya’ Lindo, who was still in his teens when this was recorded. The track was also released in the UK on the Pama subsidiary Unity. Curiously, though, the credit on that release goes to Mark Anthony & The Jets. Another fine example of the maze that reggae can be. This release does, however, acknowledge Derrick Morgan as producer, which strengthens my feeling that his riddim and this one featured here, are one and the same.


Label: Errol T (ja) / Unity (uk) as Mark Anthony And The Jets
Matrix: RRM-034 / STUDIO 17 040 mr T / Unity 565
Release date: 1971
Riddim: Bum Ball

(originally posted on 03-04-11)


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    7 November 2014 at 13:46


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    the_voice_of_reason said…

    The version side here is “More Ball” by Earl Lindo. There’s a miscredited video on YouTube that pictures the Lindo 45 but is in fact the Crutches deejay version here


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