Dennis Alcapone - Have faith

A: Dennis Alcapone – Have faith

B: Joe Gibbs & the Professionals – Faith version


I haven’t got much to add to what I’ve already written about ‘Have faith’ in the Prince William post, so I’m just gonna state my love for this track once more. In my humble opinion, this is one of the best, if not the best, dj records ever made in the history of Jamaican music. The sing and talkback between Nicky & Dennis Alcapone is a match made in heaven and the song sounds like this is the way it was meant to come out from the get go. This is the version I prefer over the original Nicky Thomas take, because it’s complete and sheer perfection.

Although there’s no name on the label, the deejay is easily recognizable as Dennis Alcapone. When I ask him about it, he confirms he’s indeed the one chatting on the mic:

Dennis Alcapone

Yes I did a version of ‘Have a little Faith’ for Joe Gibbs. I record that song in Joe Gibbs studio in Duhaney Park. Bunny Lee now own that studio. I did other songs for Joe Gibbs. I did a song with Lee Perry for Gibbo can’t remember the title. People Funny Version.

(Dennis is probably thinking about Upsetter Version, a dig at Coxsone recorded at Gibbs)

People Funny Boy deejay cut. Do you mean “Backbiter?”

“Back Biter is right”

‘People Funny Boy’ is aimed straight at Gibbs’ head. Is ‘Backbiter’ also a dig at the producer? 

“Yes, it’s a dig”

Was this purely a musical war, like I Roy versus Jazzbo, or were you truly vexed with the way the producer was treating artists?

“It was everything in one”

‘Backbiter’ is from ’72, ‘Have Faith’ is from ’73. So no harm done, I presume?

“Thats right”

The other deejay cut on “Have a little Faith” is done by Prince Williams. Do you know him?

“Don’t know of a Prince William. There was Prince Francis that use to work for him..”


Label: Joe Gibbs Record Globe ( blank / Ja)
Matrix: DSR-JG-77935
Release date: 1973
Riddim: Have a little faith

(originally posted on 27-01-12)


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