Dennis Walks Almighty I

A: Dennis Walks – Almighty I

B: Mighty Two – Forgive them Rasta


Dennis Walks is probably best known for the monsterhit he recorded for Harry Moody. Though he never really topped the truly superb “Drifter” tune, he did manage to score some sizeable hits over the years and kept recording well into the 00’ties.

In true Jamaican style, Dennis Walks hopped from studio to studio. He recorded some rocksteady songs for Joe Gibbs early on in his career which can be heard on various Amalgamated releases or re-issues on Trojan like this and this. And so, it may come as no surprise he found himself back recording in the Joe Gibbs studio several years later.

The track featured here is released way beyond the rocksteady era. “Almighty I” hit the streets in 1978 and though it may not the biggest tune in his repertoire, I for one, rate it very highly. The riddim, an update of John Holt’s – Anywhere (Coxsone) is so heavy and is chugging so hard it captured me within a second. Also note the the overly active vibra-slap player. The lyrics, perhaps a bit bandwagonist seeing the times were dread allover in ’78, are simple yet effective. The true pro on this release though is Dennis himself. His strong, heartfelt voicing gives the riddim its definitive spark.

The label also credits a “Spence.” This might very well be Barrington Spence, the gifted but underrated singer who also sang for Joe Gibbs from time to time. Perhaps he got a (co-)writers credit but doesn’t remember?

The dub on the flip is an instrumental with some vocal fade-ins and effects. A little sparse for the era it was released in, but it might have been a welcoming take on dub sides at the time.


Label: Joe Gibbs Record Globe (ja)
Matrix:DSR 5450 – A- DT / 5454-DT-B
Release date: 1978
Riddim: Anywhere (John Holt)

(originally posted on 05-12-10)


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