Dhaima ina jah children

A: Dhaima – Ina Jah Children

B: Mighty Two – Save the children


Dhaima, born Sandra Lucille Matthews in 1949, grew up in Nashville, Tennessee where she wrote her first song at the tender age of 9. She earned early recognition as a member of “The Buttons”, a singing group that consisted of Sandra and her teenage friend Connie Burns, with whom she recorded several songs for Columbia Records. In the charged atmosphere of 60’s Sandra moved to L.A. where she fought for civil rights, became a mother of two and changed her name into Dhaima (which means “Love lives forever”). Landing a job at United Artists Publishing in Hollywood would eventually become the move that would change her live forever. It was at UAP that Dhaima heard her calling in the soulful melodies of reggae music and she formed an immediate bond with Bob and Rita Marley. A bond that would endure throughout her life. She felt that reggae was the last of the ‘truth’ music and as such became the medium of her new musical expression. Her tenure as a recording artist for Joe Gibbs produced a notable discography which included two hit singles, “Ina Jah Children” and “A True” (a duet with Dennis Brown) both of which topped the charts in the UK.

As an “unofficial” member of the Marley Family Dhaima was largely responsible for the establishment of the annual Jamaican music festival honoring Bob Marley. Her activity as the co-founder of the Rita Marley Foundation included the establishment of the Rita & Bob Marley All Age School in Accra, Ghana. Sadly, Dhaima passed away in the year 2000.

“Inna Jah Children” is easily the most impressive song she left behind. Everything about it is just the way it should be. The lyrics are strong and uplifting and the riddim – a harsh and original, militant stepper – fits the lyrics perfectly. On top of that, Dhaima’s delivery is truly second to none. The dub is equally astonishing, making this a must have for every reggae collector out there.

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Label: Joe Gibbs Record Globe (ja) / Lightning (uk)
Matrix: D.S.R. 4241 / D.S.R. 4242
Release date: 1977
Riddim: original

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