ethiopians jump up action

A: Ethiopians – Jump up action

B: Delroy Jones – By 7


The mighty Leonard Dillon recorded a great many superb tunes in his long career as a musician. Although he seems to have saved the biggest hits for producer Sir JJ – whom he held in high esteem –  Leonard Dillon also recorded smashing discs for Coxsone Dodd, Sonia Pottinger and Bunny Lee. He didn’t record much for Joe Gibbs. Apart from a song called “The Ring’; which is a pretty mediocre tune that can be found on the Heptones and Friends volume 2 album; the mento influenced ‘Band yuh belly’ and this one here, I don’t know of any other Ethiopians songs released through a Joe Gibbs imprint. This low output of Ethiopians material is kind of awkward too, if you consider the good reputation Joe Gibbs had when it came to selecting groups for his label output.

That said, “Jump Up Action” is definitely a tune that does that reputation justice. Though it’s not exactly a match, both the riddim and the songline sound a lot like Pomp & Pride, with which Toots and the Maytals won the Festival Song Competion, also in 1972. It wouldn’t have been very likely for “Jump up action” to win such a competition. After all, lyrics like “Everybody jump up, everybody get high” can be interpreted in more than one way. Still, in terms of funkyness and rawness, this is definitely the winning version. Check that organ!

Label: Pressure Beat (ja)
Matrix: 7JG-8071-A FRM
Release date: 1972
Riddim: Pomp & Pride – Maytals

(originally posted on 06-12-10)



  • chris says:
    12 November 2015 at 17:51

    i love these pages , most of all they ooze with the love for this style of music, this particular one “By 7” from Delroy Jones sounds to me on the same rydim as the a-side tune and not on the “Red Bum Ball” rydim as stated…or am i mistaken?….many thanks for these totally livicated works …perhaps it should also be mentioned that these labels often come wrongly on a totally different pair of tunes, that is “Musical Chastisement” by Cat Campbell…


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