Andy Bassford
Guitarist extraordinaire who played on many reggae classics. If you dug the interview on Pressure Beat, his site is well worth a visit.

An encyclopedia of reggae so vast it’s a bit slow to load. Patience is a virtue though, as it makes for a great read.

Deadly Dragon Sound
New York’s finest reggae store.

Jammin Reggae Archives
Links, bio’s, more links, radioshows, music.. JRA’s got it all.

Leroy Sibbles
Needs no introduction.

Mento Music
Everything about mento and beyond.

Pama Forum
Can’t name that tune you’ve got on a blank? Don’t know a riddim? Like early reggae and boss sounds? Pama Forum is the place to go.

Hitmakers par excellence.

Reggae Vibes
One of the finest reggae magazine’s out there. The interviews section is golden.

A great reggae writer from Sweden. Writes nice reviews, conducts even nicer interviews.

Rougher Yet
A mind boggling ska, rocksteady and early reggae discography. With soundsamples and superb labelscans.

Rupie Edwards
Mr Success. Writes great stories about his time as a producer.

Ska Beat Soul
The most fun reggae radio show out there. Paul & Mark play legendary and obscure ska to early reggae tunes and banter like you wouldn’t believe!

Smokey Room
The Smokey Rooms cover the catalogues of Lee Perry (very extensive!), Tony Robinson, Beres Hammond, Bullwackies and U-Roy.

Former Skatalites manager Brian Keyo displays his deep knowledge of reggae on

United Reggae Magazine
Great reggae magazine, covering both new as well as veteran reggae interviews.
Everything Lee Perry touched, produced, dabbled in, sung on or whatnot: it’s on Mick Sleeper’s website.