Afreques- Cool Brothers

Africans – Kong Pow

Allan King – Africa want us all

Andy Capp – Musical recipe

Aubrey Adams – Cherry Island 

Barrington Levy – Wife & Sweetheart

Barry Brown – Them a fight

Big Joe / Senators – American Pum Pum

Black Skin – They never love

Bobby Melody – Let it be

Bongo & Bingy – Ration

Carlton Gibbs – Ghost walk

Cat Campbell – Musical chastisement

Charlie Ace & Johnny Lover – Ride on Johnny

Clint Eastwood – Whip them Jah

Cornell Campbell – Boxing around

Delroy Jones – By 7

Delroy Jones – Musical hop

Dennis Alcapone & Niney – You Must believe

Dennis Alcapone – Have faith

Dennis Brown – Money in my pocket

Dennis Brown – No bones for the dogs

Dennis Brown – Pretend

Dennis Walks – Almighty I

Derrick Morgan – Gun finger

Derrick Morgan – Judge I don’t care

Destroyers – Compass a.k.a Freelancer

Destroyers – Nevada Joe / Straight to the head

Destroyers – Rock the clock

Destroyers – Secret Weapon

Dhaima – Ina Jah children

Dhaima & Dennis Brown – A True

Donna Dawson – Money can’t buy love

Eddie Ford- Whip them/if you had..

Elpedio & The Sonics – Right time

Ethiopians – Band your belly

Ethiopians – Jump up action

Fantels – Hooligan

Glen Washington – Rockers nu crackers

Heptones – Be the one

Heptones – Hypocrite

Heptones – save the last dance

Horace Andy – Slave drive

I Roy – Knotty knots

I Roy – Trust no shadow after dark

Inspirations – Take a message to my girl

Inspirations – Take back your duck

Jackie Brown – Love and affection

Jah Grundy – Shaolin Disciples

Jah Walton – Gourmandizer

Jimmy Riley & Stranger Cole – Voice of the people

Joe Gibbs Allstars  – Life is down in Denver

Jogibs – Common people reggae

Johnny Lover & Charlie Ace  – Echo / Headcup

Joseph Hill – Informer

Jullian – The Gardener

Kenneth Power – Joshua row we home / You wrong fe trouble Joshua

Kenneth Power – Whip them Jah Jah / I and I a-go whip them

Lady Ann – Informer

Lee van Cliff – Look how she fat

Lizzy & Cornell Campbell – Aquarius

Lizzy & Nicky Thomas – Musical excursion

Lizzy – Still water run deep / Joy stick

Love Generation – Warricka Hill

Lynn Taitt & The Jets – El Casino Royale / Dee’s Special

Madoo – Backway mr. landlord

Madoo – Jammin so

Madoo – Joe Grine

Marcia Aitken – Narrow minded man

Meditators – Things not easy

Michael Cambpell – Friend & money

Mickey Simpson – See dem a come

Mighty Diamonds – Keep on moving

Milton Hamilton – Long long road

Morwell Unlimited – Fidel castro

Mr Nigel – Leaving the ball

Mr X & Sweetie – White liver Mabel

Nicky Thomas – Don’t touch me

Nicky Thomas – God bless the children

Nicky Thomas – Let it be

Nicky Thomas – Love of the common people

Nicky Thomas – Turn back the hands of time

Nigger Kojak – Different style

Old Timers – Quadrille beat special

Pepperlites – Hi-jacked

Peter Tosh – Collie Weed / So real to me

Peter Tosh – Here comes the judge

Pioneers – Catch the beat

Pioneers – Janan

Pioneers – Long Shot

Prince Ala – Naw go a them burial

Prince Far I – Tribute to Michael Holding

Prince Hammer – Orthodox rock

Prince Mohammed – Backway

Prince Student – Rivers of babylon

Prince Williams – Channel seven

Professionals – Black september

Professionals – Stonewall Jackson

Reggae Boys – Reggae Train

Reggae Boys – Dolly house on fire

Ronald & Karl – Things not so nice

Ronnie Davis & Itals – Sometimes

Sammy Dread – My princess

Sir Lord Comic – Doctor Feelgood

Sir Lord Comic – Jack of my trade

Slickers – Man beware

Slim Smith & Niney -Honey, no money

Soul Brothers – Pussy catch a fire

Soulmates – Dem a laugh

Stranger Cole – Woman a heavy load

Stranger & Gladdy – Just like a river

Sylford Walker – Jah Golden Pen

Tall Dread – Ten years late

Tommy mcCook & The Destroyers – Ah so

Trinity – Eventide home

Unknown – Red bum ball slackness

Unknown – Holy Mount Zion / Zion is my home

Winston Wright – Peace and love