A: Lizzy & Don Carnell – Aquarius

B: Imm & Dave – Version 2


In 1969 the musical Hair was a huge succes. It was made even more popular by the medley of two of the musical’s most popular songs: ‘Aquarius” and “Let the Sunshine in” by the 5th Dimension. Obviously, Jamaica took notice and responded. Herman Chin-Loy opened his Aquarius Record Store in 1969, which would eventually evolve into a label – releasing many a classic tune, which often had a nice funk twist to it, – one of the first dub albums ever and a state of the art recording studio. Meanwhile the Freedom Singers recorded their horrific version of the medley over at Studio One, while Lizzy toasted over a Hair medley for Joe Gibbs, concocted by, if I should hazard a guess, Niney the Observer. Lizzy introduces the song over the Aquarius riddim, after which the second leg kicks in and a singer and brass instruments are introduced. That’s were the song gets loose and the funk is really on. The song was released on a blank first, but proved popular enough to be granted a release. I wonder how many labelled copies were pressed or sold, though, as they are pretty hard to come by. Despite that, the credits are interesting. The A side goes to Lizzy and Don Carnell. The latter can easily be identified as Cornell Campbell. The flip is credited to Imm & David, who are better known as Cedric Brooks and Dave Madden.


Label: Jogib (JA)
Release date: 1970
Matrix: JG 2510

Posted: 01-02-2018


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