Madoo - Jammin so

A: Madoo – Jammin so

B: Joe Gibbs & the Professionals – Feeling hot


The almighty “Storm” riddim proved to be a lucrative one for the Joe Gibbs studio. This superstrong riddim was first recorded at Channel One by the Revolutionaries (a.k.a the Professionals, more or less) with Ossie Hibbert and Errol Thompson behind the mixing desk. Gregory Isaacs gave the riddim its name through his phenomenal “Storm” track, which was featured on his 1978 Mr Isaacs album.

In true Jamaican style the riddim was soon adopted, restyled, refixed, redone and copped by many producers of the era. Often resulting in fine tunes, ‘Storm’ quickly became one of the most beloved riddims out there. It’s still being versioned today, as a matter of fact.

Obviously Joe Gibbs had his version too, and he hit the charts with it more than once. Among the hits was this great Madoo track from 1979. It’s no secret I’m a big fan of the cool voiced singer, and although “Joe Grine” is my favourite of the two, “Jammin so” comes in a very close second. The riddim plus the funny ladies hunting story from Madoo makes this an evergreen and smash-hit that still manages to make waves in a dancehall. Take a listen and you’ll understand why…

Also note the “Mary Poppins” tip Madoo is on halfway through the song. His own respected “oonooroonoorama” is completely crushed by the next verse in which he manages to call his ‘Precious’ “supercalifragilisticexpialidose.” Twice. Flawless. Mad respect is due..

Label: Crazy Joe (Ja)
Matrix: JGM 8059 A / 8059 B (kk mastering)
Release date: 1979
Riddim: Storm

(originally posted on 16-07-11)


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