Marcia Aitken Narrow Minded Man

A: Marcia Aitken -Narrow minded man

B: Mighty Two – Broomstick


Marcia Aitken had a 6 year stint in reggae before she left Jamaica to open up her own restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. Discovered by Professionals / We the People Band bassist Lloyd Parks while singing (and still attending) at a high school concert, she soon found herself recording at Joe Gibbs’s studio. This “Narrow Minded Man” 7 inch is one of the earliest recordings, if not the first, of the young singer but the lyrics tell she was experienced enough in the trials and errors of love and men. Which makes this a clever record, because not only is she sending out a warning to her peers, she’s also responding to the Meditations hit “Woman is like a Shadow” on which her song is based. The idiosyncratic update of that riddim, with its syncopated drums and piano laden breaks, is interesting and original, to say the least. In my opinion the riddim fits the I-Roy take better than this one, but that might very well be because the King Tubby HiFi dj was already something of a veteran who knew how to tackle a riddim at the time of recording. Still, Marcia Aitken is getting the job done. Perhaps it’s not her best release, but I simply love this one because of the original riddim, the nyabinghi drums on the sparse dub and especially because of the super cooled down “spoken” parts: “bwoooy me a tell yuh..”

Marcia went on to record a few monsterhits for Joe Gibbs in 1977 and 1978,  graduated high school in 1981 and quit recording. ’81 was also the year her first and only album, called “Reggae Impact,” was released, which is basically a collection of her singles for Joe Gibbs. VP Records re-issued the set in june 2014.


Label: Belmont (ja)
Matrix: DSR 2761 A /2762 B
Release date: 1975
Riddim: Woman is like a shadow (The Meditations)

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