meditators things not easy

A: The Meditators – Things not easy

B: Bongo Herman & Bingy Bunny – Ration


When Fitzroy “Bunny” Simpson left the Mighty Diamonds for a short period of time, he ran into former Tennors singer Ronnie Davis, who was recording solo for many a producer at the time. Together they recorded “Things not easy” as The Meditators. Originally The Meditators were made up of Paul Aston Jennings and Patrick Francis. The latter worked as a record salesman for producers Lee Perry and Rupie Edwards and would later find great fame as Jah Lloyd. The original duo cut sides for Studio One (Darling here I stand) as well as Rupie Edwards’ Succes label (“Look who bust a style“).

Rehearsing with local youths such as Bunny Simpson (who was added to the Meditators in his teens), Donald Shaw & Lloyd Ferguson, Patrick Francis quickly became instrumental in the career of the Mighty Diamonds, taking them to Coxsone (who refused them) and Rupie Edwards (who recorded their debut single “Girl you’re too young” in 1969.) Later on, after scoring big as Jah Lloyd for Lee Perry, he pushed Perry and Channel One to record the Diamonds.

I’m not sure if Patrick Francis is singing on the track featured here, but it is definitely a different style then the other Meditators material out there. Much rootsier. More sufferers music. More Mighty Diamonds if you will. So perhaps this a good example of Francis’ management tactics. Trying to force a break for the youths he took care of.

This beautiful tune didn’t go far, chartswise, but I wouldn’t want to have missed it, for this is as good as they come. This line up, although fitting, seems to have been a fling: Fitzroy Simpson went back to the Mighty Diamonds, breaking big this time. Ronnie Davis embarked on a fruitfull solo career but really hit it off when he started a new group called “The Itals,” one of the first reggae bands to fully conquer the United States. With the Itals, Ronnie recorded another Joe Gibbs produced song called “Sometimes.”

(source: David Katz’ interview with Jah Lloyd in Solid Foundation)


Label: Joe Gibbs Record Globe (Ja) & Smash (Uk)
Matrix: DYNA JG2110
Release date: 1973
Riddim: original

(originally posted on 11-12-07)


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