milton hamilton long long road

A: Milton Hamilton – Long long Road

B: Mighty Two – Longest dub

Milton Hamilton used to be a member of the Classics, alongside Denzil Dennis. The group was based in the UK and recorded for both Laurel Aitken and Lee Perry (a version of “Cherry Oh Baby” called “Cheerio Baby” for the latter, among others.) Although the backing track for “Long Long Road” came from Jamaica, the backing vocals are performed by the british group the Rudies. “Long Long Road” is also featured on the Trojan sampler “Me Nah Worry“, albeit without the dub version. There it is credited to Denzil Dennis and Milton Hamilton whereas this 7” credits Milton Hamilton and long time Denzil associate Pat Rhoden. To my ears this version seems a bit rougher than the one featured on the Trojan album, but that might very well be a remastering issue.

The label credits Errol L. Campbell as producer, but that is actually an amalgamation of two names. The first is Errol Thompson – who probably mixed the track – the latter Lloyd Campbell, who would later on find great fame with his SpiderMan and Joe Frasier imprints. After having moved to the UK in the early ’60’s, where he set up a soundsystem and started recording (Rico Rodriguez, The Rudies & Pat Rhoden among others) Lloyd returned to Jamaica in 1972. Probably travelling with a few mastertracks in his suitcase…

The tune itself is a really nice early 70’s reggae track with beautiful harmonies and a truly heartfelt delivery by Milton. The dub is a proto-dub extravaganza: it’s got a bit of echoes and kob twisting here and there, but it remains a staright-on instrumental version throughout its entire run. A nice one though!

>> A very special thanks to Nick Faris for solving the “Errol L Campbell” puzzle. Much much appreciated. <<


Label: Errol T (Ja) / Explosion (Uk)
Matrix: L.C.4865 RRS / RRS 4879 (moonlight vers. 1974 E.T.)
Release date: 1974
Riddim: x

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