I’ve been an avid collector of reggae 7″s for more than 15 years, buying both the newest riddims as well as the old ones. Reggae has been a great journey so far, and the deeper I dig into the music and the scene, the less I know about it. Even after 15 odd years I still discover new tunes, new artists and even new labels. I’m not a completionist – as in buying complete catalogues on cd or by downloading- so I just go by what I hear: in the dance, on the radio and through the grapevine. The old fashioned way. Every 7 inch I buy is a new story to me.

Somehow the productions of Joe Gibbs have always been special to me. That might be because the riddims are always excellent, the sound is superb, the dubs are superheavy or just because of the sheer quality most tracks display, but they always strike me as something special. I often find myself digging a little deeper for new Joe Gibbs 7″s, and although not all tracks I find are up to par, they’re always satisfying to me for many a reason: they complete a riddim series or they feature a superb dub or it’s “just a nice song.” One’s gotta have a hobby, innit?

The one thing I found out is this: apart from the obvious hits and a few samplers that introduce some obscurities, there is still a lot more out there that is worthwhile listening to. Unfortunately a lot of these gems can’t be found on the net or cd’s, so I decided to set up this page. On this site you’ll find links, music and labelscans taken from my own collection. Therefore it is not, and very well never will be, complete. Most of the info has been gathered from books, interviews and the net, so if you see a mistake or some missing info: don’t hesitate to reply through a comment or contact me. Your input is appreciated.

In the meantime: enjoy the music!


There are no downloads on this page. Pressure Beat’s just for your listening pleasure…