ronnie itals davis sometimes

A: Ronnie Davis & The Itals – Sometimes

B: Mighty Two – Lover dub


Not the greatest Ronnie Davis effort ever, but still a very nice piece of lovers rock. The riddim, although hitting it off with a howling guitar and some nice piano, is sparse but effective. The dubside, however, is a bit dull. The tune, originally sung by Gene Thomas, had some impact on the charts as a b-side to “Ooh poo pa doo” by Paul Revere & the Raiders and was brought to Jamaica by John Holt in 1969, which is the most likely version to have been adopted by Ronnie Davis.

Ronnie Davis was already a veteran when this was recorded. Together with fellow schoolmate Alvin “Keith” Porter he set up a group called Westmorlites, who recorded a song called “Miss Hitie Titie,” released by Studio One in 1967 – which does not feature Ronnie, because he’d already joined the Tennors by then. With them Ronnie scored hit after hit during the rocksteady era (although, yet again, not appearing on their biggest bang “Pressure & Slide.”) After the Tennors, a short stint with The Terrors and the Meditators , Ronnie scored a big hit again with “Won’t you come home,” first credited to Keith & Ronnie, but eventually credited to the Itals. The rest, so to say, is history.


Label: Crazy Joe
Matrix: DSR 5666 / 5667 (w.reid   spiderman)
Release date: 197x
Riddim: Sometimes (Gene Thomas)

(originally posted on 14-12-07)


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