A: Sir Lord Comic – Doctor Feelgood

B: Reggae Boys – Reggae Train


Sir Lord Comic jivetalks Nicky Thomas’ ‘Don’t touch me’ to great heights in his own distinguished style. I haven’t a clue what he’s on about in the spoken intro – “hey Georgie, take this and buy yourself a closet full a clothes, I’d like to see my boys in the sharp..” – but when the music hits, it’s all good advice and a bit of joyful boasting the good lord brings us. Reviving his ol’ late ska hit ‘Great wuga wuga’ he now states “Here I bring you, the riddim of the day, for you to swing and sway!  And indeed, although it would be one of his last recordings, Doctor Feelgood sure is in full swing on this cut. That said, I don’t recall ever seeing this tune on an official release, neither Jamaican nor UK press, so if you dig what you hear, you got to chase the blanks. Check this earlier Pressure Beat write up for more info about Sir Lord Comic. In the meanwhile, enjoy the music!


Label: Pressure Beat (blank)
Release date: 1970
Riddim: Nicky Thomas – Don’t touch me
Matrix: DYNA JG 2296
Posted: 08-10-2016


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