The Destroyers - Ah so

A: The Destroyers – Ah so

B: The Destroyers – If ah sa so


Although it is hard to imagine in this day and age, the immortal ‘Satta” riddim didn’t hit it big from the get go. Recorded in march 1969 at Studio One for their own Clinch imprint (entitled ‘Far Away Land’ but on later pressings renamed as Satta Massagana), The Abbyssinians had to work hard to get their tune played on the soundsystems. According to the group, a jumpstart was provided by Joe Gibbs:

“We record that song [‘Satta’] in March 1969, and it wasn’t till about 1970 that Joe Gibbs actually [remade] a recording of it. He was the first one who did a rerecording version, [which] he called ‘A So,’ an instrumental with the Destroyers. That him do [with] Tommy McCook, Bobby Ellis, and him come by some other hornsmen. And it playin on the radio. It [was] just an instrumental. But . . . instrumental versions just bring back the record right back to the people, because when it [was] released first, it used to just play in the dancehall. Because ‘Satta’ is really a dancehall tune in those days. Home buyers never have it. It was just sound system people, but it wasn’t until Joe Gibbs bring out this version that everybody start going at this song.”


The Abbyssinians hit back with a tune called “Mabrak“, on the same riddim ofcourse, on which they attack Gibbs’ “Ah So’ with the venomous lines: “You think ah so? Ah no so! Satta massagana. This is it, the original hit. Thou shalt not steal.

In 1971 Joe Gibbs revisited his ‘Satta’ for Peter Tosh’ ‘Here comes the judge‘, which was also issued on Shock and had Winston Wrights’ ‘Rebeloution’ on the flip.

To me, ‘Ah so’ is pretty much the definitive interpretation of ‘Satta.’ I mean, just listen to it and try not to be moved. I think this one speaks for itself..


Label: Shock (Ja)
Release date: 1970
Matrix: DYNA JG 3599 / 3600
Riddim: Satta – Abbyssinians

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    14 October 2015 at 20:18

    Also Issued on pre release Jogibs records


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